Valamis LXP 4.17 Release Notes

We're glad to announce the new 4.17 version of Valamis LXP.

This update brings several improvements to learning paths:

  • Learning Path localization is now reflected in Achieved Certificates. The titles and descriptions will be shown in the user language if such localization exists in a learning path.
  • Categories can now be pre-filtered via Preferences in Learning Paths, leaving only the categories you need in the filter drop-down. This allows you to only show the categories that are relevant to normal users and avoid cluttering the filter with other categories. 

  • Improved category selector in Learning Path creation.

Other improvements:

  • Fixed the issue with SCORM lessons crashing after closing and being unable to open. 
  • Fixed the issue with SCORM lesson not saving where the user left off.
  • Accessibility has been improved.