An overview of user scores in Valamis can be viewed in Gradebook. Take a look at the learners' activities and see in detail how they perform on their quizzes and lessons. Organization administrators and site administrators will see the relevant users from their organization or site. The filter menu will work according to this logic.

Overview Tab

Individual learner activities can be seen in detail by clicking a user name on the list and then choosing a lesson from the list. You can comment the activities, and learners will get a comment notification.

The Overview tab shows the general information on the selected course (or all courses).

  • A number of assigned users
  • Number of users that have completed the course
  • Number of users that are in progress
  • Number of users that have not yet started the course

Additionally, in Overview, instructors can see a part of the Grading Queue (the lessons that require manual grading). To see the full queue, choose the corresponding tab of the Gradebook.

To set this option to a created lesson, go to Lesson Manager, and in the Edit Details menu of the lesson, enable Review Required setting. You can also do so in Lesson settings while composing the lesson in Lesson Studio.

Lessons that have been finished by the learner, but not yet graded by the instructor, will have the status "In Review" in Lesson Viewer.

The position of this tab can be changed in the Preferences of Gradebook.

Users Tab

The Users tab shows all assigned users of the course and their progress through the course.

Valamis Gradebook Users tab

Here, you can see the following information:

  • Name of the learner
  • Date of user's last recorded activity
  • Number of lessons that users have completed, not started or that are in progress.
  • Whether the course is completed, in progress or not started.

In the last column, you can grade the learner's work in the context of the whole course, and write your feedback or comments.

After clicking on any name, the individual user tab will open. In this tab you see all of the course's lessons, and the selected user's progress in each of them.

Here, you can see the status of each lesson, automatic grade, and instructor grade. If you didn't grade a lesson manually, you can do it here as well. You can also reset the lesson timer here, allowing the user to start the lesson again after the time has passed.

Lessons Tab

This tab shows all the lessons in a course.

The general information about each lesson includes the number of learners the lesson is available to, who have not yet started the lesson, are in progress, and who have completed it. The last column provides the average grade score, calculated from the individual user grades for each lesson. By clicking on the lesson name, you'll see the list of users and their completion status for that lessson.

The automatic grade and manual grade can be seen here, as well as a timer reset button. 

Assignments Tab

The Assignments tab shows all active Assignments, their deadlines, and the number of submitted assignments. The columns show the deadline of each assignment and the number of users that have completed the assignment. By clicking on the assignment, you can see more detailed information about the assignees and their results.

Grading Queue Tab

The Grading Queue is a feature that depends on the Review required lesson setting.

Valamis Gradebook Grading Queue tab

Normally, lessons do not require the instructor grading to count as "completed". 

All pending lessons requiring your attention are shown in the Grading Queue tab. In this tab. you will see a list of statements describing the activities of your users. 

Click on it to see detailed information on the number of attempts and user's progress. You will see the number of attempts, time taken for each attempt, date and time of each activity, and question answer details.

You can leave a comment on each of the activities by clicking Add comment. The learner will get a notification of the comment.  

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